JoJo Gnome


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Hi I am JoJo Gnome. I live in a Scottish garden where it rains …a lot! I have lots of adventures with my friends, which you can read about. 

I would love to hear from you and send some drawings of me and I’ll put them on the site.

Email – jojognome@gmail.com Keep in touch on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



Jo Hall

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Jo Hall is an exciting storyteller and who has been writing for children for many years. This Scottish writer has television credits, which include Balamory (Cbeebies), Nina & the Neurons (Cbeebies) and also Me Too (Cbeebies). Jo also writes for schools radio. Jo is currently working on JoJo Gnome book 3!

Jo illustrates her own books. Some of the drawings are used in story quilts, which she makes for fun! Jo comes up with many of her story ideas in the greenhouse. She also eats cakes and draws in there too… and grows some flowers. You won’t find any gnome statues in Jo’s garden … but JoJo Gnome might be hiding behind the garden hut!


Contact Jo Hall at jojognome@gmail.com