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JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast

Welcome to JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast, recorded in the garden shed at the bottom of JoJo Gnome’s garden in Scotland. Writer and storyteller Jo Hall will be sharing stories about JoJo Gnome and his friends with you. You’ll also be able to join in and invent your own stories with our ‘Story Starters’. Ideal for ages 3-6 years.

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Check out the podcast page for each episode, which has lots of fun follow on activities. Podcast #5 “Autumn Fun” activity page is here.

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If you are looking for more stories JoJo Gnome books are available to buy at Etsy – All things JoJo Gnome.  There are discounts on books for schools.

Jo Hall runs school workshops – Primary 1 and Literacy Workshops in schools and nurseries, get in touch for more information at For schools outside Scotland there is a Twitter Tales workshop.

Podcast Archive

#1 – Joining In

#2 – JoJo Gnome’s Beach Plastic Problem

#3 – JoJo Gnome & Beach Hair Salon

#4 – Rhyme Time