Workshops for Primary Schools and Nurseries 2016


“I have had the pleasure of doing several workshops with Jo. Her workshops are exciting and engaging and I am always blown away by how much she achieves in such a short period of time.”   (Rachel Allen Primary Teacher, Strathblane, Scotland)

“Thank you to JoJo Gnome for an inspirational week of digital literacy exploration. Through social media we were captivated into a world of imagination and adventure. The pinnacle was when JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine came to nursery for the day to finish our stories and make movies together. Haste ye back! “(Kate O’Neill, Head of Cornton Nursery, Stirling, Scotland)

Curriculum For Excellence

All the workshops match with the Curriculum for Excellence

Scottish Writer & Storyteller – Jo Hall

Jo Hall is an experienced workshop leader and storyteller. She has run workshops for younger children in schools and nurseries for several years now. Jo has also run school events and family workshops at Wee Write Book Festival (Glasgow Libraries). Television writing credits include Balamory (Cbeebies), Nina & the Neurons (Cbeebies) and also BBC Education radio programmes (Movement First). Jo currently has a series of e-books, for 3-6 year olds, which follow the adventures of the character JoJo Gnome.

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Workshops available

Sow & Grow

Storytelling session of  ‘Sow & Grow with JoJo Gnome’. Exploring what makes seeds grow and seasons. Joining in interactive games & quizzes. Animation – watching ‘JoJo’s Uncle had a farm’ & the children making their own animation with Jo Hall on the ipad. A copy of the children’s film will be given to the class. (Check out an example of a film here.)


The Sound Machine

This workshop is based around sounds and the senses. This is all about listening out for sounds and creating your own sound effects. We also use the sounds to make original stories.

JoJo listened for exciting sounds.

JoJo listened for exciting sounds.

The Smell of Christmas

Experiencing the holiday season using not only smell but also sight, sound and touch. A mixture of storytelling, poetry and identifying smells add another element to this exciting time of the year.

wm cup cake

Fun & Games

This workshop is based on the book “ JoJo Gnome & the Common Elf Games’ which encourages children to take part in physical activities. It also looks at what is fair and rules. The children will be encouraged to take part in some games and create their own versions.

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