#amtryingtowrite – honest!

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“So what are your plans over Christmas” … asked more than one person. Without taking a breath I replied “I’m going to be writing.”  So over this holiday season I have promptly …done anything and everything but write. My ingenuity knows no bounds. There’s the Christmas baking which just had to be done with my pal Jen and was great fun. Of course there was the trial baking which preceeded that. Then I had to print some Christmas paper (who wouldn’t need to do that!)….and of course JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Countdown complete with animations, great fun …but not really writing!


Earlier this year I went to Moniac Mhor on a writing course to get the creative juices flowing and do some writing on a piece of work for a slightly older age group 6-8’s. It was a week filled with writing, talking about writing and enjoying the company of others who were of a similar mind set. One of our tutors, the lovely Joan Lennon, suggested I focus on the bits of the story I was inspired to write and work from there. So I did that and filled in most of the rest of the story later, a new way of working for me. So where am I now?


Well I have imposed a Feb deadline to have it finished. My good friend Mary is poised to have a look over the copy and sort out my punctuation when she gets back from holiday in January. So what I am I doing just now …well that would start with losing 2000 words and doing a bit of tidying and no doubt rejigging things again. Am I the only one who doesn’t love rewriting …don’t think so. But this is where the real work gets done … this part is not joyful (but necessary).

My main strategy now is ‘turning up’. I have turned up, I am sitting at my desk and I am writing. OK it’s not what I am meant to be writing but …… after the next cup of coffee I will be good to go.

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PS: The 2000 words are cut now … more rewriting tomorrow. Meanwhile enjoy the swan photo I took on the wee walk I had when I finished my coffee!!!!!!


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