Autumn Sound Hunt

JoJo Gnome Sound Hunt

Listen Up, A Sound Hunt.

In JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine, my little gnome discovers the joy of listening and collecting sounds. In this very visual world its good to get our kids back to appreciating their surroundings using all their senses … so here’s a good work out for little ears.

A sound hunt, which will keep under 5’s amused inside or outside the house …a listening walk. There are lots of ways to do this but here are a few suggestions

(a) Use the chart with the picture symbols and go looking for the sounds near by…it shouldn’t be too hard. There is a chart for outside and also for inside the house. Add in your own sound symbols too.

(b)  For older children be more specific in your instructions. Listen for 3 kinds of different birds. Listen for 2 different water noise (drips and water from the tap) etc.

(c)  Let the kids create their own sound hunt …here’s hoping you are up for the challenge!!!!

Enjoy having fun with sound and happy listening!

JoJo Gnome Sound Hunt

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