Christmas comes early to the Library

To celebrate the launch of the new JoJo Gnome Christmas book, JoJo Gnome & the Smell of Christmas, I visited Strathblane Library to have a fun storytelling session with the nursery class from Strathblane Primary School. It was the first time I had shared the new JoJo story with a larger group of children and …it was a hit (thankfully!!!!!). It was the first outing for the ‘smelly quilt’. Not as bad as it sounds in fact it looks really nice (and smells good too). We also had some fun with a smelly workshop, looking at smells we like and those we didn’t. I don’t think the class was expecting my sock to make an appearance (not to worry it had been through the wash and smelled quite fresh actually).

JoJo Gnome and the Smell of Christmas is available as an e-book from Amazon (£2.58/ $ 4.13). As a special Christmas bonus if you email me at (including proof of purchase / your child’s name) I will send you a piece of personalised digital art. This offer is available till 24th December 2013.

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Art Stuff

Red Ted Art’s latest newsletter is encouraging parents to take their kids along to art galleries and see what’s on offer…what a great idea! I have a lots of favourites in the Glasgow area. Kelvingrove Art Gallery has something for everyone and lots of space to run around. The Burrell Collection in Pollok Estate is packed with all kinds of amazing finds, including whole rooms reconstructed. However my favourite would be GOMA right in the middle of the city. Not only does it always have something unique (and sometimes bizarre) on show but they also have free children’s art classes. So young folk can be inspired and create their own masterpieces. Worth visiting for the mirrored entrance hall alone.

Watermarked Image

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow

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