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Strathblane Primary 1 compete in the Common Elf Games

I was luck enough to have Primary 1 at Camstradden School in Glasgow help me celebrate the launch of the latest in the JoJo Gnome book series JoJo Gnome & the Common Elf Games. We had a great storytelling session and then played some of our own games. The large dice proved especially popular (I wonder why?). My particular favourite was the berry throwing competition but paper berries had to be substituted for the real thing … don’t think the school janitor would have been too pleased otherwise. Fun times!

JoJo Gnome & the Common Elf Games is a picture book ideal for sharing with 3-6 year olds. Available to download from Amazon at £3.08.


Commonwealth Games

Things seem to be hotting up in Glasgow for the actual Commonwealth Games. They are looking for bloggers to be part of team14 to get news out there (apply here by 10th April)…so if you are going to be around in Glasgow for the games get in touch. I will be the blogging correspondent for the Common Elf Games and will keep you up to date with all news of gnomes, elves, fairies and hedgehogs who are competing! To find out what schools are doing around the Commonwealth to celebrate, check out Commonwealth Class… lots of good info and interesting reports. Not long to go now as on 14th April there will be just 100 days to go till the games start in Glasgow.



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