JoJo Gnome is drawn to GoMA


  • JoJo Gnome loved GoMA
  • "I'm bored"
  • "Why don't you do a painting"
  • "I can't draw"
  • "Everyone's an artist."
  • JoJo Gnome the artist.

One of the exhibitions currently at GoMA is ATELIER PUBLIC 2 which throws out to the public ‘An Invitation to Play”.  So they have a space and lots of stuff… cardboard, bubble wrap, sticky back plastic … and they invite kids and adults to create things and just well…play. The installation runs for 13 weeks finishing on 27th May and things will change and develop as it goes.

I was going just for a wee look at what was on show as part of Glasgow International Arts Festival but got no further than this wonderful space. So the 6 year olds and I got to work… I couldn’t help myself and had to do a wee JoJo story and added it into the mix (I used some JoJo business cards I had in my bag). This is such good fun. I am so glad I took up their invitation to play… I might just have to go back! I advise you to go along and play too no matter what age you are.

JoJo Gnome & the Commonwealth Games (JoJo Gnome Book 3) is out now in the amazon store.


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