JoJo Gnome Questions & Challenges

002_ going for walk

It’s holiday time and there’s lots to do … or not. So I’ve decided to come up with a mixture of JoJo Gnome summer challenges and questions just for a bit of fun. There will be a mix of physical, creative, indoor, outdoor and just plain bonkers!. So look out for them on this blog, Also catch up with JoJo Gnome on twitter @jojognome & @jojognomefun. Why not go onto Facebook and catch up with what JoJo is doing there too. On Facebook I try to share as many toddler and young children’s crafts as I can too from lots of different people. If pictures are your pleasure pop over and follow jojognome on instagram.

008 loves carrots

Don’t forget to check out JoJo Gnome’s summer fun page.


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