Workshops for Nurseries & Schools

Workshops for Nurseries and Schools

 Jo Hall leads a series of workshops for younger children (age 3-6 years) based on the JoJo Gnome Stories. Each book has a different theme and interactive activities attached to it. All workshops involve storytelling and also the chance for the children to work with Jo to make their own group story. Other elements of the workshop include listening quizzes, poems, working with puppets, movement, drama … depending on the individual workshop. For more information contact

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“I have had the pleasure of doing several workshops with Jo, in both upper and lower primary school classes.  Her workshops are exciting and engaging for all children and I am always blown away by how much she achieves in such a short period of time.”  

 Rachel Allen Primary Teacher, Strathblane, Scotland

Workshops offered

All of the workshops have stories and storytelling at their heart and children are encouraged to participate. 

Sow & Grow (Dates coming for Spring 2015)

Learn what we need to grow plants and vegetables. This workshop looks at the seasons, weather and helps the children to grow their own plants. This is the perfect workshop to fit in with outdoor learning projects. Where possible this workshop will include planting seeds.


JoJo listened for exciting sounds.

JoJo listened for exciting sounds.



The Sound Machine

This workshop is based around sounds and the senses. This is all about listening out for sounds and creating your own sound effects. We also use the sounds to make original stories.

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The Smell of Christmas

Experiencing the holiday season using not only smell but also sight, sound and touch. A mixture of storytelling, poetry and identifying smells add another element to this exciting time of the year.


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Fun & Games

This workshop is based on the book “ JoJo Gnome & the Common Elf Games’ which encourages children to take part in physical activities. It also looks at what is fair and rules. The children will be encouraged to take part in some games and create their own versions.


Curriculum for Excellence

Each of the workshops fits into experiences and outcomes across the curriculum in Scotland.

All Workshops: –

Expressive Arts Being part of an audience, participating in a show (EXA 0-01a/ EXA 2-01a) 
Literacy Listening & taking part in discussions. Learning new words, which help express ideas & feelings. Exploring stories, characters and texts. Exploring and playing with patterns and sounds in language. Listening and watching for information. Inventing own stories. (LIT 0-02a)(LIT 0-01a)(LIT 0-11a) (LIT 0-11b) (LIT0-01c) (LIT 0-04a) (LIT 0-09b/ LIT0-31a) (LIT 0-10a) 


Sow & Grow Workshop


Numeracy (Times & Seasons) Awareness of the world linked to times and seasons (MNU0-10a) 
Science (Biodiversity & Interdependence) Growing plants and naming basic parts. Talking about growing and looking after plants. (SNC0-3a) 

 The Sound Machine Workshop


Music Using voice, musical technology to discover and play with sound and rhythm (EXA0-17a)
Science  Through play experiencing ways of making sounds (SCN0-11a) Identifying senses to explore the world (SCN0-12a) 


The Smell of Christmas Workshop

Health & Wellbeing Handling, tasting & talking about foods (HWB 0-30a) 
Science Identifying senses and using them to explore the world. (SCN 0-12a)



Fun & Games Workshop

Physical Well Being Understanding my body and how to stay well and healthy (HWB0-15a)
Physical Education Learning how to move the body, control it and share space (HWB0-21a) cooperation, turn taking & following rules (HWB0-23a), being active is healthy (HWB0-27a)