JoJo Gnome’s Etsy shop is open!

jojo 2 badges

So excited to have opened a JoJo Gnome online Etsy shop  check it out at which is selling JoJo Gnome cards and button badges. The cards are perfect for those occasions when you need a wee present as well as a card …so the badge along with the photo card should just hit the spot (if your 4 or 40!).

6 cards 2(web)

There’s a choice of 6 JoJo Gnome cards at the moment showing illustrations from various JoJo Gnome stories (Including Sow & Grow and The Sound Machine). There are also two sets of badges (3 badges in each set). Buy 6 cards and only pay for 5!


For the badges I decided to have a choice of 2 finishes…1 plastic for the younger kids and the other more traditional metal.


Making the badges and cards takes me back to my student days when I ran a wee shop at Decourcy’s Arcade in Glasgow called Mouse House. There I sold my own cards and brooches (Tatty Bijoux). It’s funny how things in life come round to visit you again.

Pop over to the shop and check it out, delighted to hear what you think.

I’ll keep you updated with additions to the shop as I plan to have other cards for sale too, which won’t have JoJo Gnome on them. These will feature some of my other art work and photographs. To have a wee peek at some of my photos check out my Instagram account jojognome.

If you are a twitter person then I would be delighted to have you follow @jojognome. I share lots of education content (especially primary/ early years), all things bookish and art bits and pieces, which I come across. On @1jojognomecards it’s all about the cards and latest news on what’s in the shop.

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