JoJo on the move!

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JoJo’s Uncle had a farm!

I love animation and have played about with stop frame animation in the past. Recently I did some work with an amazing young animator (Morgan) who inspired me to try again. This time taking on board his top tips I used decent lighting (investing £25 a table top lighting set up.To do the actual animation I used my iPhone and a great app called Stop Motion (which is fab!)

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The idea was to do a version of Old MacDonald’s Farm …JoJo’s Uncle had a farm. From past experience the idea was to keep things simple (some hope!).

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I was luck enough to have Al Fleming to sort out the music and Abbie & Katie provide me with the vocals, trust me singing is a talent I just don’t have!

photo 3

So how long is it taking … quite a while!!!! However here is a snippet of the work in progress. It is quite demanding but really good fun. The accessibility of stop frame animation apps for iPhone and iPads (and other tablets & phones) make it possible for wee ones to try their hand and bring their creations alive.

Go on have a go!







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