Record Breaking JoJo Gnome Tour in Fife


I had such a good time doing storytelling sessions in Fife with JoJo Gnome this July. The first stop was St Andrews  Library where we had a mix of children from St Andrews and a few who were on holiday. Lots of fun was had when the children joined in the story ‘Sow & Grow with JoJo Gnome”  We then climbed the largest record breaking bean stalk in the world (having grow it ourselves first of course).


In the afternoon it was off to Newport Library …and what a lovely place that is on the banks of the Tay. The children at this session particularly enjoyed colouring in JoJo Gnome plant labels for their potentially record breaking sun flowers.  In both workshops we did some stop frame animation and you can see the lovely films the children made .  There are also templates to download, which you can use to make your own JoJo Gnome flower labels.


The brilliant news is that storytelling with JoJo Gnome will be back in Fife in November for 3-6’s. More details on that soon. A huge thank you to the lovely library ladies Maggie and Pauline who climbed those beanstalks with me and also cleaned up the spilled compost! The storytelling sessions fitted with the theme of the Summer Reading Challenge ‘Record Breakers’ which is proving very successful. Here’s to lots more young people reading this summer. A particularly appropriate activity just now as it’s nice to have something to do when the rain is pouring down outside.



Look out for fab JoJo Gnome badges and cards coming soon.


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