Snow business like show business!

There’s nothing quite like when other people ‘get’ what you are trying to achieve. Al Fleming is one person who understands my GNOME WORK better than most as he is the fabulous musician who composes and plays my JoJo Gnome music for me. Al is an amazing blues singer and performer and plays gigs around Scotland. There’s many a person who would switch off their phone when they receive a text asking if he could help with music which snowmen could dance to….but not Al. He’s off up to his home studio …which is kind of like a man cave with lots of guitars and technical equipment. There he conjures up wonderful sound pictures. Last time round he made me some bright spring music complete with birds tweeting. This time it’s all about the snowmen.

As part of JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Story Fun (for 3-6 years) on 10th December at Mugdock Park, we will be making snowmen puppets and having them dance in a film with JoJo Gnome. Now I know what music they will be dancing to. Al you’re a star!

Click on Al’s Photo to hear him performing at Mugdock Theatre.

Al Fleming

Photo copyright Mark Shields

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