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Wee Write 2014

I was delighted to be part of the Wee Write Book Festival for Children & Young People in Glasgow this year. It was the first year that the successful Aye Write Book Festival has had a stand alone Festival for children. On Thursday I worked with 6 nursery school groups Sandyford Nursery, Fasque Family Centre, Whiteinch Nursery, Cloan Nursery, Broomloan Nursery and Ibrox Nursery. Much fun was had and lots of noise was made based round the book JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine.

On Saturday 8th March it was the Family Day, at the wonderful Mitchell Library, in the centre of Glasgow. How brilliant to see so many young readers, and soon to be readers, running around the building having fun with words. So far removed from the days of my youth when you were hardly allowed to whisper in a library, never mind speak, without been given a withering look from the dragon lady at the front desk. My only regret was my event clashed with singer song writer Carol Laula’s song writing workshop, I would have loved to have heard that. Listen! Imagine! Draw! with JoJo Gnome was sold out … hurray! A fun day all round. One little gnome fan even wore her special gnome dress for the event. I was the one with the storytelling hat.

CEG Front Cover

JoJo Gnome & the Common Elf Games

I just couldn’t help myself … the next JoJo Gnome book will be JoJo Gnome & the Common Elf Games. Living so close to Glasgow you can see preparations for the games happening around the City so this book seemed ideal. I will be doing storytelling sessions in some of my local schools and encouraging the pupils to make up some of their own games and put on their very own ‘Common Elf Games’. I am also looking for a couple of Commonwealth Schools to link up with to do some storytelling over Skype  (for 4/5 year olds) ….so if you have any ideas or want to get in touch contact me on jojognome@gmail.com marking the email COMMONWEALTH SCHOOL. Suggestions would be appreciated. Look out for the book being launched in April.

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