Christmas Workshops 2020 for nurseries and schools

As it is unclear at the present moment if I’ll be able to go into schools in person and do workshops this year. Hopefully things may change later in the year and face to face workshops may be possible again. I hope so, as I love doing them and meeting the children. However here’s the next best thing, a downloadable workshop/show that you can use in your class. It isn’t ‘quite’ the same as having a live show in school, but it’s the next best thing and there’s the chance for children to participate and join in the fun.

Normally in December I can only travel to schools in the Central Belt of Scotland, so this is a chance for more classes to enjoy  JoJo Gnome fun (at a fraction of the cost of a school visit).  

The Christmas Cracker Workshop will be available from November 2020 and will be stuffed full of games, storytelling and there will be some poetry too. Ideal for nursery and Primary 1 classes. There will be an ‘extra special Christmas Cracker package’ that will have an second film included with extra activities, including a seasonal story that children can finish in the classroom. I’m always up for being sent pictures and will feature any pictures on my website. With the ‘extra special’ package I will email you a personalised JoJo Gnome Christmas drawing for the class.

For more information about the Christmas Cracker digital downloads email

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