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The perfect place to enjoy JoJo Gnome stories about emotions

Emotions and understanding them are important! As part of a project funded by Creative Scotland I have been to primary schools all over Scotland hosting story workshops based around emotions and wellbeing.

What makes you happy? – An JoJo Gnome Emotions Story

This is the latest JoJo Gnome emotions story. This story looks at being happy using our senses. Can you spot the mouse in every drawing?

How are you feeling?

This is the main story from the workshop. This story is about JoJo Gnome experiencing different kinds of emotions and how he reacts to them. The video is divided into 3 parts with stopping points to allow you to answer some of the questions asked and check to see if you feel the same way as JoJo Gnome or if you would deal with things in a different way. A great resource to support listening and talking. If you use the film I would love to see any pictures you draw. You can send them to jojognome@gmail.com.

Can you spot the mouse in every picture?

Teacher’s notes will be available to accompany the story later this year. A second story ‘What makes me happy?’ all about JoJo Gnome finding out how his different senses make him feel happy will be available (late May 2023). This story was written with  ASN schools and younger nurseries audiences in mind.

As part of the workshops each school worked with me on the ideas and drawings to complete a story based around emotions. I hope you enjoy them. Each story also allows you to come up with your own ending. 

LG and the New Friends

LG is starting a new school and wants to make friends. How will LG do that? A story by Jo Hall and Aileymill Primary School.

Cheering Up JoJo

JoJo’s Grandpa is in hospital and JoJo is feeling sad. What can JoJo do to feel better. A story by Jo Hall and St Roch’s Primary and Deaf School. There is also a British sign language version of this story.

The Rainy Day

What will cheer JoJo Gnome up when he has to be indoor on a rainy day? A story by Jo Hall and St Columba’s primary school.

What Makes Me Happy

What three things make JoJo Gnome happy? A story by Jo Hall and Easdale Primary and nursery schools.

The Team

What will make JoJo Gnome feel less angry when he doesn’t get picked for the school football team? A story by Jo Hall and St Brigid’s Primary School.

The School Play

What will make JoJo Gnome feel better when he has to be in the school play? A story by Jo Hall and Castlehill Primary School.

I Like School

JoJo Gnome really likes school. The pupils from Greenburn School share what things they love about their school.

Cheering Up Hattie

How will JoJo Gnome cheer up Hattie Hedgehog when she is ill? A story by Jo Hall and Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School.

Falling Out

How will JoJo Gnome become friends again with Colin the Caterpillar when they disagree over what game to play? A story by Jo Hall and St Machan’s  Primary School.