Free maths stories and activities for early years

JoJo Gnome Enjoys Maths & Numbers


Free early years maths stories and activities to enjoy

JoJo Gnome’s STEM Stories

JoJo Gnome helps younger children aged 3-7,  engage with maths through stories in a fun way. So these free maths stories and activities are perfect for parents, carers and teachers to enjoy with early years children. 

JoJo Gnome & The Shape Map (STEM story)

 ‘JoJo Gnome & the Shape Map’ finds JoJo Gnome making a map from all of the shapes he finds on a walk with his Grandpa.  An ideal celebration of STEM and outdoor learning.  


JoJo Gnome’s Maths Challenge (STEM story)

This exciting package of resources is built around STEAM and creative story telling. This JoJo Gnome project was made possible by funding from Creative Scotland.  During the project Jo Hall has worked with a maths consultant and schools around Scotland.  The result is fun maths based stories that allow the young people watching to go on and create their own versions of the stories. Find out more about the background to this project on Jo’s blog. Including how Jo and the pupils of Hamilton School For The Deaf came up with a new deaf character, Ella the Elf, who is fantastic at maths. You can watch a short film about how Ella was created.

Extra Early Years Maths Resources For Teachers

For teachers there is a free PDF available that maps the resource to both the Scottish and English curriculum. It shares how to get the most from the resource and has extension activities. To obtain a free copy please email and put ‘JoJo Maths Challenge PDF’ in the subject box (please state Scottish or English curriculum). Please say what school or nursery you work in please. Parents and carers are most welcome to ask for a copy too.

JoJo Gnome’s Shape Stories made by schools



JoJo Gnome’s Counting Stories

Enjoy these short stories that the children from various schools around Scotland have made with Jo Hall. Each story is different and there is an opportunity at the end of the film for your children to make their own version of the counting story. More of these fun stories will be added to throughout 2022.

Remember to check out the latest JoJo Gnome Story Podcast too.

JoJo Gnome’s Maths Story Workshop 2024/25

Have Jo Hall and JoJo Gnome come to your school and deliver a Maths Story Workshop. If you are outside the Central Belt of Scotland the workshop can be delivered online. Check out our workshops page and find out more.


Jo interested to hear what new counting stories you come up with. Email her at and share the pictures from your stories.