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JoJo Gnome Stories About Caring For Our Planet

Looking after our planet is really important. As part of a project funded by Creative Scotland I have been to primary schools all over Scotland hosting story workshops based around the theme of recycling and upcycling objects.

JoJo Gnome Eco Superhero – An JoJo Gnome Eco Story

This story is all about what happens when JoJo Gnome tries to make a recycled hat for a dog called Hats.There is a mouse in every drawing, can you spot it? A great resource to support listening and talking. If you use the film I would love to see any pictures you draw. You can send them to

A description of the first page of the notes from teachers notes from the story 'JoJo Gnome Eco Superhero". Apply to ojognome@gmail .com for a copy

There are free teacher’s notes to accompany this resource. Email me ( with the name of your school or  nursery and if you want the Scottish or English version of the notes. Please note that in asking for the notes you are agreeing to receive notifications about upcoming JoJo Gnome projects. See teacher’s notes page for more details.

JoJo Gnome Eco Superhero – An JoJo Gnome Eco Story (BSL SIGNED VERSION)

This is the BSL of the story signed by actor Petre Dobre. There is a section before the story starts introducing the characters.

Meet Our New Character Sha

The character Sha is a gnome who want to teach everyone to look after our planet. The pupils from Garvel Deaf Centre in Gourock worked with me to create this new character. Watch the film and find out more about her. You’ll meet Sha in the story ‘JoJo Gnome Eco Superhero’.

Eco Stories From Schools

As part of the Creative Scotland Project I worked with schools around Scotland. In each case I started a story and they finished it with their ideas and drawings. Watch their stories and see if you would have the same ending as they did … or would you choose something different? These are ideal listening and talking resources for school or home.

The Big Cardboard Box by All Saints Primary School

The Big Bit Of Cloth by St Columba’s Primary

The Plastic Bottles by Lennox Primary

The Burst Ball by Blackfriars Primary