Terms and Conditions – JoJo Gnome Story Workshops 2020

These are the terms and conditions that you are agreeing to when you purchase/ download JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Cracker Story Workshop 2020 and JoJo Gnome’s Extra Special Story Workshop 2020.

The download(s) is for use in the school/ nursery/ individual it is bought for only.

You cannot make copies of the downloaded file.

In schools videos are for classroom use only.

Videos cannot be place online (for private or public use).

Videos cannot be used or shared with other schools or sent home for children to use at home.  This would be an infringement of the purchase agreement.

At all times copyright remains with Jo Hall.

For JoJo Gnome’s Extra Special Story Workshop there is a  limit of 1 drawing per download.

If there is a problem with schools downloading the material from GumRoad – in special circumstances Jo Hall can WeTransfer/ Dropbox  material to the school and will discuss individually with the school how payment can be made. This has to be arranged by email in advance of ordering from GumRoad.

Any questions or queries please contact Jo Hall on jojognome@gmail.com