A Gnome, A Cake, A Sound Quilt … A Sound Idea!


The Sound Hunt

This week I had the pleasure of working with the new Primary 1 class in Strathblane Primary School. We read JoJo and the Sound Machine and then had our own sound hunt in the classroom. We also enjoyed making sound effects using only our mouths and had a sound quiz. Would you recognize what a zebra sounds like? All round good fun. Here is the sheet for the sound hunt, print it off if you want to have a go with your class or youngster. It’s great when you hear something you have written for young folk being enjoyed …phew! Job done.

Sound Hunt classroom

A Gnome Cake

While I was in the school I caught up with the Primary 2 class who gave me quite a bit of help with my book last year. So we celebrated with what else … a gnome cake. Yum!



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