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Christmas Story Workshops

It’s October and for me that means one thing … Christmas! I know it seems really early but I have to start telling schools and nurseries about JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Stocking Story Workshop.  In school they too are planning what they are doing with the pupils in December and I would like to be part of their seasonal mix.

Last year my only option was to have a Christmas video offering  (which is still available online) but this year I am going for an online and ‘in person approach’. So if you have a nursery of Primary 1 class I can deliver a mix of stories, rhymes, games, quizzes and lots more to your class. Of course the JoJo Gnome puppet will be along and I’ll draw a Christmas JoJo Gnome for your class.

In person workshops can be delivered in Central Scotland any further afield and you can go for an online option. The online option is a bit cheaper and can be delivered on the platform of your choice. You will find more information about what to expect on the workshop page.  Drop me an email to for available dates and prices. Book early as dates in December are limited and going fast.

Boswell Book Festival – a second bite

I was delighted to be part of the Boswell Children and schools book festival this year. It was decided that all of the festival would be online. My offering for ages 3-6 was JoJo Gnome’s Story Flower.  The festival is all about memoir and biography, so JoJo Gnome’s story was all about different kinds of families.   Schools can sign up and see the sessions again for free …including JoJo Gnome.  This is available till 31st October so don’t miss out.  You can even make your own story flower … a perfect Christmas gift for someone. Sign up here.

Click to take you to the page to listen to The Ghastly Ghost Story

Halloween and Ghastly Ghosts

A few years ago I write and narrated a story for BBC Scotland Learning called the Ghastly Ghost. It’s a funny Halloween children’s story all about dressing up and going out to do trick or treat. I’m delighted to say it is part of a Halloween collection of short stories the BBC has put together. All free and available to use at home or in class. Check out the Ghastly Ghost story here. The lovely illustration above is by Anna Miles.

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