Enjoy JoJo’s Christmas Cracker Story Workshop 2020

This has been such a strange year for everyone. In March I was all ready to hit the road and visit several Scottish primary schools and nurseries with JoJo Gnome’s ‘Sow & Grow Workshop’. Sadly, as with so many things this year, everything had to be cancelled. So I put aside all plans, thinking things would be ‘back to normal’ by Christmas. So here we are in October and things aren’t anywhere near normal yet. There is little chance of things returning to normal in Scottish schools (and elsewhere) this Christmas, so no visits from outsiders into school and no school trips to the pantomime or Christmas shows.

However in the hot days of July I started planning what I could do this Christmas to keep working and linking with my audience. For the last 25 years I have worked a producer for the BBC and for the last 20 years or so I have worked in Learning/ Education. For the last 10 of these years I have taught young people in schools to make videos and films for themselves. So it was time to use that expertise to make my own JoJo Christmas Cracker Story Workshop video. I am lucky in my family to have many talented photographers/ video makers on hand (sadly no one can put up a shelf!). So Martin Shields, my husband, got out the camera and we started making the Christmas workshop video.

The garden shed studio, that I use for my Story Podcast, was reinvented for Christmas decked out with tinsel and many Christmas drawings. Can I tell you how hot it was in layers of fleece not to mention the fleecy story telling hat. I also set to work producing animations to work with the videos. So many of the characters in the books and stories come to life and join in the story fun.  The final result was not one but two JoJo Gnome videos.

The first is JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Cracker Story Workshop – a mix of storytelling, poetry, dancing and games. The second is JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Extra, which includes how to draw JoJo Gnome, Christmas Crafts and a story for you to finish off and of course dancing snowmen!

The workshop based videos are as interactive as I can make them and there are lots of opportunities for joining in the fun. They are ideal for ages 3-6 …and probably a wee bit older too.

There are two packages available

Extra Special package (£38.99)

The Extra Special package, which has the two videos ‘JoJo Gnome Christmas Cracker Story Workshop’ (19 mins) and ‘JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Extra’ (14 mins). Also the opportunity to have a personalised JoJo Gnome Drawing sent to your school/ nursery/ home. This is the drawing you see being demonstrated in the video.

Regular package (£19.99)

The regular JoJo Gnome Christmas Cracker Story Workshop, which has the one 19 minute video for you to enjoy. (£19.99)

These packages can be bought through Gumroad.com. They go on sale from 25th October but can be pre ordered. Read terms and conditions here.

Nothing is as good as working with the children in person but here’s hoping that the videos are enjoyed by young folk and the folk who look after them. An added bonus is that children outside the Central Belt of Scotland get to enjoy JoJo’s Christma s fun too. If you want to get in touch or find out more don’t hesitate to contact me at jojognome@gmail.com.

Please spread the word and tell others who enjoy stories – Christmas will happen!

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