Sunflower Crazy Hats


Try this super simple project and watch your own sunflowers grow from JoJo Gnome’s hat! This project fits the themes in JoJo Gnome book 4 ‘Sow and Grow with JoJo Gnome’.

What you will need:-

  1. Packet of seeds (I used sunflower)
  2. Compost
  3. A plastic cup
  4. Paper to draw faces/ template for hats
  5. Colouring pens/ crayons
  6. Glue stick

How to do it:-

  1. Make a couple of holes in the bottom of the plastic container.
  2. Add compost.
  3. Plant 1-2 seeds in the container and cover with more compost.
  4. Water and wait for the seeds to sprout.
  5. Draw a funny face on a strip of paper …add a hat of your choice (see sheet below) and glue on.
  6. You might want to laminate this.
  7. Fix to the outside of the container.
  8. Remember to water every day!

These are brilliant fun. I used clear plastic pots, then you can see the roots under the soil too.