JoJo Gnome goes to Gorebridge Nursery

IMG_2225 (1)JoJo Gnome and I had never been to Gorebridge nursery before, but last week we were given a lovely welcome by the children and the staff there. They are having a very full and active festive season which includes African drumming and their Nativity play. However they managed to find time to enjoy JoJo Gnome’s Winter Story Fun complete with a trip to ‘Sound Town’ and some dancing with dinosaurs. Both morning and afternoon classes had coloured in some christmas cupcakes before we came and drawn some lovely wintery backgrounds. When we had finished our storytelling they did some fantastic film making. Check out their films below.

At the workshop we also read the new JoJo Gnome book – JoJo Gnome and the Cale Contest which is on sale now for Christmas. Thanks for having is Gorebridge!


You can find more JoJo Gnome films on You Tube.

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