JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast Coming Soon

So excited to tell you that I will be launching a JoJo Gnome story podcast in mid August when the Scottish schools go back at the end of the summer holidays. Each podcast will have a story about JoJo Gnome and his friends. Excitingly I will be encouraging your wee ones to build their story telling skills too, to as each episode of the podcast will have a ‘Story Starter’ included. These story starters will allow youngsters to tell you, and hopefully share with me, how they think a story might end. This isn’t about writing, spelling or getting things correct …there is no ‘right way’ to do this. Stories can be finished in any way you like …drawing a picture, in words, in comic form – anything goes! The ideal age group for this podcast is 3-6 years ….but I suspect there will be some older ones who’ll love it too. These podcasts are free to download.

The first podcast will be all about how it is fun to join in and try new things.

Each podcast will have an information page attached which have pictures, animations,colouring pages, films and a link to lots of further fun ideas to join in with.It will also have links to JoJo Gnome’s Pinterest board with lots of ideas which tie in with the story.

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If you area nursery or primary teacher based in Scotland you can have a JoJo Gnome literacy workshop in your school, details here. If you are further away why not think about having a Twitter Tales workshop where a class works remotely with me to make a story together.

Although it is quite far away (really!) I will be taking booking for JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Story Workshop in schools. More information on that soon.

If you want to enjoy other JoJo Gnome stories you can buy JoJo Gnome books on Etsy at All things JoJo Gnome.

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