K is for Kiss


K- Kissletoe!!!!!

Welcome to the JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Advent Calendar to celebrate the latest JoJo Gnome bookJoJo Gnome & the Smell of Christmas. It’s day 11 and that means mistletoe. Pucker up and hang up some mistletoe in the hallway (or in any other part of the house!) . So for your pleasure and knowledge here are some things you might not know about mistletoe…

-Mistletoe is toxic to people, but the berries and leaves provide high-protein food for many animals.

– The custom that a man and woman who meet under mistletoe are obliged to kiss …maybe of Scandinavian origin.

– Mistletoe is considered a pest in many areas of the world. A host tree or bush heavily infested with mistletoe can be stunted or even die.

– However, mistletoe is an important food source and a nesting place for a variety of bird species.

You never know it might come up in a Christmas quiz!

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 Christmas Bonus

As a special Christmas treat if you buy the book JoJo Gnome & the Smell of Christmas before 24th December 2013 and send us your receipt . We will send you a personalised JoJo Christmas drawing with your child’s name on it. Send your receipt & name to jojognome@gmail.com, before December 24th 2013.


Come back tomorrow for more fun

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