Launched! JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast

Delighted to be able to tell you that JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast has launched. I had decided some time ago that this was something which I really wanted to do. When I visit schools to do workshops I have book, which I sell at the events. However there are some children who can’t afford the books …so now I have stories, which all of the children will be able to listen to for free and enjoy. The web address can be sent home  – ironically there may be no books in some houses but most folk have a mobile device of some kind. I used to be a radio producer and lifting the spoken word off the page has always a joy and passion of mine.

The target age of the podcast is 3-6 years. The stories are about JoJo and his pals who live at the bottom of my garden in Scotland. However there will also be rhymes, poems and lots of other ways to join in. The stories are packed with sound effects which should help the children build up a picture in their imagination of what’s going on. I also wanted the podcast to be about more than just listening to a story. So I have a ‘story starter’ section. This is where I’ll start off a story and leave it to the children to finish it off in any way that they like. So it could be just telling you what happened or drawing a picture. I would love to be able to find out how your child/children ended the story, so please get in touch at and let me know.

Each podcast is around the ten minute mark so ideal for listening at bedtime, in the car or even in the classroom or nursery.  If you enjoy the story, each podcast comes complete with it’s own page of great follow on activities. There are also links to lots of interesting ideas on Pinterest,which complement each story.

Here’s a wee preview

Podcast number one is called ‘Joining In Is Fun’. When JoJo Gnome joins in a sporting competition he finds out there is more to it than just winning. This is a lovely story about having a go at things and showing kindness to others. There are of course the sports of mud jumping and berry throwing featured too … soon to be Olympic events no doubt.  There are lots of pictures, videos and follow up activities to do on podcast #1 programme page. You can also subscribe to the podcast from there or visit iTunes. Please leave a rating and a review if you enjoyed it as it helps other to find the podcast. Listen. Enjoy. Subscribe. Share.

The second Podcast will be out near the end of the month. Then you’ll find out what JoJo Gnome got up to on holiday!


Thanks so much for your support.

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