Podcast #21 – JoJo Gnome & Home School

Audio Version

Welcome to ‘JoJo Gnome & Home School’ podcast #21 of JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast. This podcast was specially written for the difficult situation many parents with young children are finding themselves in just now being stuck indoors because of illness. In the story JoJo Gnome finds himself stuck indoors with his Grandpa and Aunty Molly unable to go to school. Once his family have reassured him and got him feeling less worried, Aunty Molly and Grandpa set up a home school for JoJo, which goes surprisingly well. Our story starter has JoJo Gnome setting some interesting lessons for his Grandpa and Aunty to enjoy. We start the story and then you finish the story by telling someone, writing it down or drawing a picture.

(Note for Teachers/ Parents – This was podcast was written with Coronavirus in mind and the effect it was having on younger children stuck at home. No mention is made in the story of the virus …we just talk about people being sick and having to stay inside to keep well.)

You can download the story from the player above for free or listen on Spotify of Apple Podcasts. If you enjoyed the podcast leave a review and tell your friends about it.

The podcast is ideal for ages 3-6 years and is free for teachers to use in the classroom as a resource.

Video Version

JoJo Gnome’s Latest Book “JoJo Gnome & the Scarecrow” is on sale now in JoJo Gnome’s Etsy Shop (£6.99 including postage on UK mainland). A digital version of the book is available on Amazon (£3.99).


Fun Things  To Do

Make an egg box rainbow bug

In the story starter you have to decide what to make from an empty egg box. Here is one suggestion. Give it a go and send me a photo of what yours looks like to jojognome@gmail.com

Look at these fantastic bugs that two JoJo Gnome fans made …they called them Conor and Colin. Send you photos to jojognome@gmail.com


Sow some seeds

Jo Gnome & The Scarecrow – NEW BOOK

The new JoJo Gnome storybook will be out in March. You can buy it at All things JoJo Gnome (Etsy) for only £6.99  (free postage in the UK). Iit has 26 full colour pages with drawings. The story is about what happens when JoJo Gnome finds an old broken scarecrow in a field and helps rebuild him. It is full of fun information about sowing and growing too.  There is also the opportunity to have the book personally signed for you.

There is also a digital copy of the book from Amazon for £3.99.

Here are a couple of the drawings from the book. Can you see the mouse?

What would you do with a hula hoop?

In the story JoJo Gnome gets his Aunt and Grandpa to try using a hula hoop. But what else could you use a hula hoop for? We found out what some Primary Children thought.

The Eggbox Challenge

In the story starter JoJo Gnome was going to get Grandpa and Aunty Molly to make something from an old egg box. Have a look at JoJo Gnome’s pintrest board to get some ideas of what you could make.