Rhyming & Timing

Coming up to National Poetry Day is always a great opportunity to get young people to start writing their own poems and rhymes. I’ve always loved playing with words and when the opportunity came to work with the P1/2 in Fintry Primary I was delighted.

The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day, which is on 4th October, is ‘Change’. So I packed up my poetry ‘changing kit’ and headed off. Most of the rhymes and poetry I’ve been involved with have involved quilts. I know the first thing most people would reach for is paper but not me! Since I first found a beautiful book about story quilts years ago I was hooked. I make up my own with appliqué, drawing on fabric, quilting and beading. I think it’s a pretty special way to share poems with young people.

The quilt I decided to take in was ‘The Burping Frog” quilt. The tale of a rude and wee bit scary frog who eats everything and anything that rhymes. He burps them back up and then eats them again. It’s a great story to play around with as the children can make their own rhymes to fit into the poem. Fintry is a lovely wee school and P1/2 only have 12 pupils in it. They all contributed to the poem and came up with some very inventive ideas “a cheetah near a heater” for e example.

Have a listen to the Rhyme Time podcast (JoJo Gnome Story Podcast #4) . You can also check out below the full poem with their pictures. The Rhyme Time podcast is free to down load and there is another great joining in poem featured, My ABC. Download from the podcast page or on iTunes. I would love to hear from you and see your little one’s pictures of what their rhymes are. You can email me on jojognome@gmail.com. So go on have a go …what you’ll come up with, you never know ( Is that a rhyme…where’s my needle and thread?).


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