Podcast #36 – Back To School With JoJo Gnome

In JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #36 ‘Back To School With JoJo Gnome’ Ella starts school for the first time and tries to make some new friends. Join in our story starter too where you finish the story, this one is all about what you can do to make new friends. We would love to see any pictures of your stories, you can send them to jojognome@gmail.com.

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Aileymill Primary’s Making Friends Video

Check out the version of the story starter with drawings that Aileymill Primary in Greenock made.

There are lots of other short videos about different emotions on the JoJo Gnome Emotion’s page

Meet LG

Find out more about JoJo Gnome’s friend LG

Ella The Elf Fact Box

Find out some more information about Ella the Elf