Podcast #40 – JoJo Gnome Eco Superhero


A picture of JoJo Gnome in his recycling cape


Welcome to the page for podcast #40 JoJo Gnome Eco Superhero. In this podcast we hear a story about recycling and upcyclying when JoJo and his friends try to make some hats and reuse materials. The children from Blackfriars Primary School helped me with the story starter all about a burst ball. Have a listen and see if you would have chosen a different ending from them. If you draw any JoJo Gnome pictures then don’t forget to share them with me (jojognome@gmail.com) and I’ll put them on this page.


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Teacher’s Notes

There are free teacher’s notes to accompany the main story. For information on how to get hold of a copy visit the amazingly useful teacher’s notes page. Both Scottish and other UK versions are available.