#38 – JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Story Podcast 2023

Welcome to the page for JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Story Podcast 2023. In this podcast we hear the story ‘JoJo Gnome & the smell of Christmas’…it’s one that will get your senses tingling! There is also a story starter for you to finish, what will happen when JoJo Gnome has to make a last minute gift for his Grandpa …only you will know the ending. If you draw any JoJo Gnome pictures then don’t forget to share them with me (jojognome@gmail.com) and I’ll put them on this page.

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Count down to Christmas with JoJo Gnome


Follow JoJo Gnome as he opens a box everyday on the countdown to Christmas day. See if you can answer the question he asks each day! Have a look at December 1st. You can find all of the videos here.

JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Tree

Watch and listen to the poem about how JoJo Gnome’s Christmas tree got decorated.

JoJo Gnomes A-Z of Christmas

Find out what each letter of the alphabet means for JoJo Gnome in December.