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I really enjoy using twitter. Short, informative and fun! I follow (and am followed by) quite a few Primary schools and nurseries which is fantastic. I love seeing and hearing about what’s going on inside and outside classrooms across Scotland (and the rest of the world!). At the end of last week I came across a post from Elmvale Nursery School.


If you look down the don’t like side the kids mention “I don’t like broken books”. Well neither do I and I replied to them. We then had a conversation which has resulted in me writing a story along with the two nursery classes at the school. We do alternate tweets and also post pictures. I do drawings to illustrate my part of the story and the nursery class have been putting up fantastic photos to illustrate their side.


The character we are using is Bertie Book (#jojobbook), who we have found out is unhappy and crying in the corner of the nursery. He is in a bad way because the children have mishandled him. However now the children have a plan to make him better using sticky tape & glue. While repairing him the children have found out he is in fact a book of nursery rhymes. Then…….


I have to wait till later today when the children tweet back to find out what’s happening next and where the story is going. It’s so important younger children are read to and enjoy books (of all kinds). My particular passion is that children make up their own stories … young people are brilliantly creative and have the best ideas! I am loving this project and have never had to think so hard about 140 characters before. This is learning at it’s best, fun, creative and just a bit hard … and that’s for me not the kids.

Follow the story on twitter @jojognome. #jojobbook

December Nursery & Primary School Workshops

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Booking is now open for Jolly Holly Workshops for Scottish Nursery and Primary Schools.

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New cards and badges have been added to JoJo Gnome’s Etsy shop. It’s all about hearts and flowers.

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