Brilliant JoJo Drawings

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Launch of Sow & Grow

I had a really brilliant time at the launch of the new book ‘Sow & Grow with JoJo Gnome’ at Caldercuilt Primary School in Glasgow. We had a great time storytelling and also doing some face painting (a new found talent!). It was fun to get into the papers and also receive some lovely drawings of JoJo Gnome from Primary 1 (all in the gallery). Thank you so much for having me at the school.

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Easter Give Away

Instead of giving you an Easter Egg this year…let me offer the 3-6 year olds in your life a free download of JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine. This means you can offer them a sound hunt rather than, or perhaps as well as, an egg hunt! JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine is available from (3-5th April) as a free download from Amazon.



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