Creative Corner Podcast #2

Welcome to Jo’s 5 minute Creative Corner. Perfect for 5-9 year olds who are looking for something creative to do in 5 minutes. Crafts, physical challenges, stories and creative tips all stuffed into a fun short listen. Take it on the road, listen at home or in school. Fun, and free. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. You can join in and be part of Jo’s Creative Crew too… contact us at with your ideas and drawings.

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Podcast #2

Jo’s Whacky Story Machine

See what stories and pictures you come up with from the words our story machine churns out. Why not send me a drawing of what you think the story machine looks like too.

Thumb Print Pictures

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Here are some of mine.

Here are some that my Creative Crew from Haldane came up with.

Physical challenge

It was all about the star jumps …join in the fun. Physical activity is amazing for your brain (and creativity).