Creative Corner Podcast #4

Welcome to podcast #4 of Jo’s 5 Minute Creative Corner. A short listen, bursting with ideas about how you can get creative. Produced specially for ages 5-9. Subscribe below so you don’t miss a single episode.

This podcast is filled with hula hoops and hats. Have a listen now.

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Podcast #4 Extra Bits & Pieces Of Fun

Hats Hats and more hats!

Here are some of the hot hats that the Strathblane P4 Creative Crew came up with. Have a look.

Send your designs to

Hula Hoop Ideas

We asked apart from being used as a hula hoop round spinning around your middle, what else might you use a hula hoop for? Here’s what my Strathblane P5 Creative Crew came up with.

More Fashion Stories

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