Creative Corner Podcast #5

Welcome to Jo’s 5 Minute Creative Corner – a little podcast with a big impact! Podcast #5 is packed with poems and rhymes just in time for National Poetry Day. It also has some creative tips and a jumping challenge. So have a listen and join in the fun.Subscribe and don’t miss and episode. You can also down load the podcast or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

You can send your poems and pictures to and be part of our creative crew.

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Other Fun Things

JoJo Gnome Story Podcast

Don’t forget to check out JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast, which is full of stories and fun ideas for making stories for ages 3-6. This is another Jo Hall production from Scotland.

The JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #4 Rhyme Time is also filled with poems and rhymes.



Make Your Own Note Book

Have a look at how to make your own note book from a single sheet of A4 paper.