Creative Corner Podcast #7

Welcome to podcast #7 of Jo’s 5 Minute Creative Corner. A short listen, bursting with ideas about how you can get creative. Produced specially for ages 5-9. Subscribe below so you don’t miss a single episode.

This podcast is filled with yellow walks, fast snails and funny teachers. Have a listen now.

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Podcast #7 Extra Bits & Pieces Of Fun

Jo’s Whacky Story Machine

So what exactly does the story machine looks like? Well, here’s a few drawings from Mosspark Primary …who would have thought a giant rabbit!

The Whacky Story Machine had the words “Funny Teacher”, “Fast Snail” and “Fork” to make a story or drawing from. Check out the film and see what ideas the Mosspark pupils came up with. The teacher in the drawings looks very much like their own fab teacher Mr Feist!

The Yellow Walk

In the podcast I talked about going on a walk only looking at yellow things. Check out the yellow walk I did recently.