Grassy Bugs


Have a go at making your own grassy bug. Water it and it will continue to grow and grow …it might even need a hair cut. This project fits the themes in JoJo Gnome book 4 ‘Sow and Grow with JoJo Gnome’.

To make a grassy bug you will need:-

Old pair of tights or stockings


Grass seed

Elastic bands

Card or paper

How to do it:-

  1. Cut tights into strips.
  2. Tie a knot at the end of the strip or tie with and elastic band
  3. Add some grass seed to what will be the top of the bug
  4. Fill the tights with compost and make a ball.
  5. Fix with and elastic band
  6. Repeat this making the ball smaller and smaller.
  7. Water the bug …and wait till the grass grows.
  8. Draw a face on card (and if possible laminate)
  9. Fix to the front of your bug.(I used a paperclip and hot glue gun)
  10. When the bug has grown enough hair …give him a funky hair cut!
  11. Remember to keep watering.
  12. Enjoy and have some fun.

You can also make a face in the same way … you need a small ball of compost for the nose and a larger one for the head.