Jolly Holly Workshops coming for winter 2015

jolly holly

It’s strange but looking out of the window at the lovely late summer sunshine, inside in my studio … it’s snowing! I am currently working towards winter in stories, animation and on the card front. I have just finished the designs for JoJo Gnome’s first winter collection (cards & badges).  I’m soon starting on the animation for a Christmas poem which (if all goes well) will feature in the Christmas workshops this year. It’s been written so the poem can be jumbled up and a new version made every time.

I have also been planning what’s in the Christmas workshops this year. So as well as the jolly jumbled poem (perhaps with puppets), there’s sound stories to be made, guessing what the gifts are in JoJo’s Christmas stocking using our senses and tree decorating animation. The workshops are aimed at nursery and primary groups so they will be fun. Check out the workshop page for more details.

6 cards 2(web)

The JoJo Gnome cards are going well online and I’ve had some nice reviews …even an order for California (very exciting). Drop in and have a look.


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