Online Workshops for spring 2021 (schools/ nursery)

“One of the best things I’ve seen in school in a long time!” Heather Sudden, Principal Teacher St Benedict’s Primary, Glasgow. 

 Twitter @MrFeist – Great to see again today – first met her when she worked with the infants in and now that I’ve moved to , I got to see her again! If you want an enthusiastic & inspirational author to visit your wee ones, is the person!

Even though things are a bit different this year Jo Hall is still able to do workshops with your class. This can be done remotely online  (Zoom or Teams). The exciting thing is that it will now be possible to do workshops outside the central belt of Scotland …so that’s a positive!

Listen to stories, meet JoJo Gnome the puppet, make up your own stories and join in all sorts of fun activities. The workshops last 25 – 30 minutes.

Workshops on offer are:-

JoJo Gnome loves Sounds

JoJo Gnome really loves sounds of all kinds. In this workshop we will be creatively using sounds in all sorts of ways.  So guess sounds with JoJo Gnome, make your own sound effects and visit sound town where everyone dances and loves music (so we’ll join in the dancing). Listen to the story ‘JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine’  And help Jo make a story inspired by sounds…. There will also be follow on activities Jo will leave you with, so you can continue your sound journey in the classroom (or at home). Jo is always delighted to share any drawings the children do on her website and social media channels.

Sow & Grow with JoJo Gnome

JoJo Gnome and his Granda love growing things. In this workshop we’ll look at seeds and guess what they’ll grow into. We will work out what fruit and vegetables grow under and over ground. Jo will read the story ‘JoJo Gnome and the Scarecrow, which is all about growing and the seasons. Jo will also get the children to join her in planting imaginary seeds and growing … perhaps a beanstalk! There will also be follow on activities Jo will leave you with so you can continue your growing journey in the classroom (or at home).  Jo is always delighted to share any drawings the children do on her website and social media channels.

Twitter Tales

This is a full class activity where, over the course of a week, Jo Hall will work with a class to make a story together through a series of tweets and drawings.  This is really creative as at the start of the week no one knows where the story will end. Jo will provide illustrations to accompany the tweets. At the end of the week Jo will join the children online to read and share the final story. The children will also meet JoJo Gnome (puppet) and hear a JoJo Gnome story. This is a super creative workshop and works well for ages 4-8. This is a workshop for one class. (Note:  separate workshops will have to be purchased if you want to work on more than one story at a time).

Please email for prices and available dates. These workshops will run Jan – June 2021.

Comments from teachers about past workshops

“I have had the pleasure of doing several workshops with Jo. Her workshops are exciting and engaging and I am always blown away by how much she achieves in such a short period of time.”   (Rachel Allen Primary Teacher, Strathblane, Scotland)

“Thank you to JoJo Gnome for an inspirational week of digital literacy exploration. Through social media we were captivated into a world of imagination and adventure. The pinnacle was when JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine came to nursery for the day to finish our stories and make movies together. Haste ye back! “(Kate O’Neill, Head of Cornton Nursery, Stirling, Scotland)