Podcast #12 JoJo Gnome Loves Sounds

JoJo Gnome with his sound machine

Welcome to the podcast page for JoJo Gnome’s StoryPodcast #12 – JoJo Gnome Loves Sounds. In the story JoJo Gnome invents a sound machine and goes on adventure with some noisy and messy results. Have a go at our story starter, which is filled with sounds. We start the story and you finish it off.

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JoJo Gnome’s Latest Book “JoJo Gnome & the Scarecrow” is on sale now in JoJo Gnome’s Etsy Shop (£6.99 including postage on UK mainland). A digital version of the book is available on Amazon (£3.99).


More Fun Things

Story Book – JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine

If you enjoyed the story in the podcast you can buy the book ‘JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine’ from JoJo Gnome’s Etsy shop. The book is A5 size and with coloured pictures.  There is a form, which you can fill in and get a personal signed copy too for no extra charge.

Sound Hunt

If you are looking for more fun with sounds then check out JoJo Gnome’s Sound Hunt. You can play inside or outside. Print off the sheets and fill them in and there is space for add your own ideas too.

JoJo Gnome Drawings

Check out these fabulous drawings of JoJo Gnome from Elmvale Primary School in Glasgow. I would love to see your drawings too, you can email them to jojognome@gmail.com.

JoJo Gnome Pintrest Pages

If you are looking for some crafty ideas to tie in with Podcast #12 and the story JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine. Have a look here.