Podcast #14 – Summer Listening Special with JoJo Gnome

Double the summer listening pleasure with two JoJo Gnome beach stories in this podcast. In the first story JoJo Gnome finds a way to recycle plastic bottles found on the beach in the story ‘JoJo Gnome and the rock pool‘. In story number 2 ‘JoJo Gnome and the Alphabet Game’ Aunty Molly turns a walk on the beach into something a bit special.

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Remember ‘Keep Enjoying Stories’.

Summer Reading

There are 3 JoJo Gnome story books, which you can buy. JoJo Gnome and the Presents, JoJo Gnome and the Cake Contest and JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine. All three are available by post from JoJo Gnome’s Etsy shop. You can buy JoJo Gnome story books here.

Coming Soon!

Look out for our new podcast coming soon …5 minutes full of creative fun for ages 5-7. More information on the website soon.

Sand Fun

Have a go at drawing your own sand pictures …or making a sand drawing tray

Create your very own Beach Hair Salon

  1. Get an old metal baking tray.
  2. Fill with a shallow layer of wet sand
  3. Get a pencil, stick or use your finger to draw a face and create some fabulous hair styles.
  4. Use some pebbles, shells , leaves or twigs to make it really fancy.
  5. You can do this lots of times …take some pictures of your ‘clients’.

Full instructions here.

Holiday Snaps

Here’s a holiday snap of MoMo.

And here’s MoMo and JoJo in their plastic bottle land yacht.

Beach Collage

Download the printed pictures and make your own beach picture.

  1. Print the pages. You’ll find them here.
  2. Cut out the images.
  3. Stick them to the background you make your own picture.
  4. Why not add in some of your own drawings too.
  5. Join up with some pals and make a huge beach scene.