Podcast #17 – JoJo’s Gnome Gets Moving

In JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #17 ‘JoJo Gnome Gets Fit’, Grandpa Gnome finds a way to make a space story that allows the young gnome to listen and run about at the same time.  Our story starter is all about ways to keep warm on chilly days.  Have a go at the story starter and draw a picture, then send it to jojognome@gmail.com. So you don’t miss a  single episode subscribe to the podcast on the player above. You can also find the podcast on Spotify and iTunes. Please leave a review and tell your friends about us.

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Extra Fun Things

JoJo Gnome Books

If you’re looking for even more JoJo Gnome stories there are 4 books in the JoJo Gnome series. You can buy them all online from JoJo Gnome’s Etsy Shop – All things JoJo Gnome. The books, which are fully illustrated cost £6.99 (Postage is free in the UK). You can have them signed too!

Space Chums

Here’s what Floop and Bloop look like. Why don’t you send in pictures of Rollo and the other space aliens.

Christmas Advent Calendar

As it is November just now, why don’t you make an JoJo Gnome Advent calendar ready for next month. There are full instructions for making the calendar and also free printable sheets for the pictures you’ll need.