Podcast #19 – JoJo’s Gnome Tries New Things

A photo of JoJo Gnome with a slice of lemon cake. The wording say will JoJo Gnome try some lemon Cake? Listen to podcast number 10 to find out

In JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #19 ‘JoJo Gnome Tries new Things’, JoJo Gnome finds out what a new years resolution is and decides to try out some new food.  Our story starter is all about what JoJo Gnome will make when he repurposes a cardboard box.  Have a go at the story starter and draw a picture or make something from a box then send the photo to jojognome@gmail.com. So you don’t miss a  single episode subscribe to the podcast on the player above. You can also find the podcast on Spotify and iTunes. Please leave a review and tell your friends about us.

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Extra Fun Things

JoJo Gnome Books

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Cardboard Box Challenge

Have a look at the ideas the P1 pupils from Greenrigg Primary had about what JoJo Gnome should make with an old cardboard box.