Podcast #34 -JoJo Gnome’s A-Z of Christmas

In JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #34, ‘JoJo Gnome’s A-Z of Christmas’, help JoJo Gnome to decorate his house for Christmas using every letter in the alphabet. Also join in the seasonal story starter and sort out Hattie Hedgehog’s tree. If you finish the story with a picture you can send it to jojognome@gmail.com and we’ll share it. Don’t miss a single episode of the podcast by subscribing on the player above. You can also find the podcast on Spotify and iTunes. Please leave a review and tell your friends about us.

JoJo Gnome fun Christmas things to enjoy

Check out the video of JoJo Gnome’s A-Z of Christmas. Thanks to Aileymill Primary school for helping with the film.

JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Tree Poem

Have look at what JoJo Gnome’s Christmas tree turned out like and enjoy the poem again.

The Christmas Party

The story starter in JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast is all about a very special Christmas party. Here’s how some schools who took part in my Christmas Story Workshops this December decided they would decorate Hatty’s tree. What things would you draw?

St Lucy’s Nursery Decorated Hattie Hedgehog’s Christmas Tree

JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Fun Page

Have look at some other JoJo Gnome activities like making your own advent calendar and some colouring pages to enjoy. There are other JoJo Gnome Christmas stories to enjoy as well.