Podcast #35 – JoJo Gnome & The Cardboard Box Challenge

In JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #35 ‘JoJo Gnome & The Cardboard Box Challenge’ the little gnome and his friends make some new games from some old cardboard boxes.There is also a cardboard challenge for you to join in with in our story starter. If you do any drawings or make any models we’d love to see them. You can send pictures to  jojognome@gmail.com.

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JoJo Gnome & The Cardboard Box Challenge (with pictures)

Coming soon on JoJo Gnome’s YouTube channel @jojognome

See JoJo Gnome in person in May 2023

JoJo Gnome will be at Boswell Children’s Book Festival again this year in May.  Jo Hall and JoJo Gnome will be having all kinds of fun with numbers and shapes. Ticket news coming soon and if you can’t join us in person you’ll be able to take part online. More information from https://www.boswellbookfestival.co.uk/childrens-festival/

Hattie Hedgehog’s I spy game

Use Hattie hedgehog’s pictures below to play I spy. 

This picture is one of the drawings from the book JoJo Gnome & The Cake Competition.  Why not see if you can spy things beginning with the letter ‘c’.

The Cardboard Box Challenge

A few years ago a wee boy in America called Caine built a games arcade from cardboard boxes. Check out his film.