Podcast #39 – JoJo Gnome Feels Happy

Welcome to the page for podcast #39 JoJo Gnome Feels Happy. In this podcast we hear a story about some of the things that make JoJo Gnome and his friend LG feel happy. The children from St Roch’s Primary and Deaf School helped me with the story starter. Have a listen and see if you would have chosen a different ending from them. If you draw any JoJo Gnome pictures then don’t forget to share them with me (jojognome@gmail.com) and I’ll put them on this page.

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Video Version – What makes you happy?

This is the video version of the story. Can you spot the mouse in every picture?

Cheering Up JoJo – by St Roch’s Primary & Deaf School

This is a British Sign Language version of the story. The children from St Roch’s Primary and Deaf School did the signing.

Find out about LG

Children from Aileymill Primary helped me create the character LG. Find out all about this wee character here.