JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Page 2023

There’s so much to do!

 Enjoy JoJo Gnome’s Christmas page. Listen to the story podcast, open Christmas countdown boxes, watch the abc of Christmas and enjoy our Christmas tree poem.

Listen to JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Story Podcast

Have you listened to JoJo Gnome’s December Podcast? There is a story all about the smells of Christmas and a story starter where you can finish our seasonal story in your own way.



Open the Christmas Boxes with JoJo Gnome (Christmas Countdown)

There is a new Christmas box to open every day till 24th December with JoJo Gnome. Watch the short videos and see if you can answer our daily question.


December 1st

Do you have a scarf like JoJo’s?


December 2nd

Who do you think the big red present is for?


December 3rd

What do you think the Christmas cat is called?


December 4th

What’s your favourite thing to do when it snows?


December 5th

Who do you think the hot chocolate is for?


December 6th

Could you draw a snowman?


December 7th

Which Christmas biscuit would you pick to eat?


December 8th

Have you tasted Christmas pudding?


December 9th

What present would you like to get?


December 10th

Have you ever had a stocking at Christmas time?


December 11th

What gift would you give JoJo Gnome?


December 12th

What’s JoJo Gnome listening to?


December 13th

Do you have a favourite hat you wear at this time of year?


December 14th

What kind of cake would you like?


December 15th

What kind of things do you decorate with at this time of year?


December 16th

Have you ever made snowballs?


December 17th

What story do you think JoJo is reading?


December 18th

What colour of baubles would you choose?


December 19th

Have you ever touched holly?


December 20th

Which room do you think belongs to JoJo?


December 21st

Do you think Fatima Fairy will catch the cakes?


December 22nd

What flavour do you think the candy cane is?


December 23rd

Do you think Sammy the Scarecrow makes a good snow man?


December 24th

Have you listened to JoJo Gnome’s December story podcast yet? You can find it here.

JoJo Gnome’s Christmas Tree Poem


Have a listen to the poem and see what JoJo puts on his Christmas tree.

JoJo Gnome’s A-Z of Christmas

JoJo Gnome has picked one Christmas item for each letter of the alphabet. Will you choose the same things as he has?

Schools Christmas Workshops 2023

Have a look at the wonderful baubles these schools have made for Hattie Hedgehog’s Christmas Tree.

Chapelgreen Primary

Highpark Primary

St James Primary